Pilot Tie.  A new necktie designed to clean sunglasses.

Like most pilots, I too have tried to clean my sunglasses with my necktie.  The common necktie is not only an ineffective cleaner, it also scratches the lenses.

Introducing the Pilot Tie®, a new high quality necktie, manufactured with a microfiber backing, to safely and effectively clean your sunglasses.

When the back of the Pilot Tie closed, the appearance remains the same as other uniform neckties. The Pilot Tie is a high quality, hand sewn necktie. The necktie material is 100% polyester (with the exception of the microfiber backing) for durability and a professional look. All neckties are a generous 60 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide.

A Pilot Tie maintains the same appearance as ordinary uniform neckties.
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The back of the Pilot Tie can be opened, now exposing the microfiber fabric which replaces the "tipping" material that is used on regular neckties. As you can see from the picture, when the back of the necktie is opened there is a more than sufficient amount of microfiber available to clean a pair of sunglasses. This microfiber material is specifically designed to clean sunglasses and is the same type of material as the sunglasses bags and cleaning cloths that sunglass stores and manufactures sell.

The back of a Pilot Tie can be opened to provide sufficient space for cleaning sunglasses.
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As a pilot, one of the most important things to have on every flight is sunglasses that have UV protection. Pilots are three times more likely than non-pilots to develop cataracts. Your expensive sunglasses are something that you want to take care of. Cleaning sunglasses with a tissue, standard uniform necktie or pilot shirt is ineffective and causes scratches. Carrying a microfiber cleaning cloth everywhere you go is inconvenient. With the Pilot Tie you will always have a safe and effective way of keeping your sunglasses clean and protected.

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Back of Pilot Tie - Large View