What is a Pilot Tie®?

A Pilot Tie is a high quality necktie crafted with a Microfiber backing. The backing of a necktie is the material placed in the large diamond at the back of the necktie. The Microfiber backing of a Pilot Tie is specifically designed to clean sunglasses. As you can see from the picture below, the overall appearance of a Pilot Tie is the same as other neckties.

Pilot Tie Picture

What is Microfiber?

The Microfiber used in each Pilot Tie is a synthetic material that, at a microscopic level, is crafted to remove oils, dirts and particles from glass or plastic. It is soft, absorbent and incapable of scratching glass or plastic surfaces. This Microfiber is the same material that is sold in sunglass stores to clean sunglasses.

Why Buy a Pilot Tie®?

As a pilot, one of the most important things to have on every flight is sunglasses that have UV protection. Pilots are three times more likely than non-pilots to develop cataracts.

Your expensive sunglasses are something that you want to take care of. Cleaning sunglasses with a tissue, standard uniform necktie or pilot shirt is ineffective and causes scratches. Carrying a microfiber cleaning cloth everywhere you go is inconvenient. With the Pilot Tie you will always have a safe and effective way of keeping your sunglasses clean and protected.

Does your company have a unique necktie design, or are you looking for a silk necktie with your company logo or aviation design on it?  We can make special orders of almost any style of necktie.  Neckties are a perfect gift for your aviation employees contact us: customerservice@pilottie.com for more information.